Matterport 3D Showcase


Matterport’s 3D Interactive Tour renders an online virtual model of the home’s floor plan. It’s like Google Street View, but inside the house and you can click to roam around the home. The tour offers more exposure and convenience to both buyers and sellers. A Win/Win.

  • For sellers, it saves them the hassle of preparing the house often due to fewer showings, but more serious lookers. It also appeals to buyers globally.
  • For buyers, by utilizing these online 3D experiences, they will be able to view more homes in their searching efforts online because it’s going to save them time and energy.

By investing in this technology, you position yourself as a leader in the community. Matterport’s 3D Interactive Tour separates you from your competition which helps you sell faster and easier, while showcasing YOUR marketing ability to hundreds of potential clients.

When can I use the Matterport’s 3D Interactive Tour ?

1. 2D virtual tours hint at what the property looks like. With 3D Matterport showcase, you can show potential clients how it feels in their future home by allowing them to virtually walk through the house.
2. Immerse your remote buyers by breaking the distance barrier.
3. Create a lasting emotional connection by allowing clients to experience their new home.
4. Guaranteed to help you sell, rent or lease your home faster.
5. Helping agents stand out of the crowd by equipping them with better marketing tools.
6. Take your spaces further with add-ons like virtual reality and automatically generated schematic floor plans.
7. ‘Click and mortar’ showroom and commercial experience – show off your products or facility.
8. Promote tourist destinations.
9. Document your home & contents for insurance purposes.
10. Location scouting for events such as weddings.

And much more!

Matterport’s 3D Interactive Tour features
  • An immersive 3D model
  • A dollhouse view
  • Floor plan view
  • Programmable walk-throughs