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We are a team of real estate marketing specialists

Maude Leger_team

Maude Leger

Founder of Sold Right Away Inc.

Maude founded Sold Right Away Inc. in 2008. Since then, she has grown her business to working with over 200 Realtors. By using her in depth knowledge of real estate and profound marketing abilities she has been able to help grow the businesses of the realtors that work with her.

Antonina DiPaola_team

Antonina DiPaola

Client Care Manager

Antonina “Toni” oversees Sold Right Away’s day-to-day operations and works closely with our clients and team to ensure that all flows together properly. She has worked at Sold Right Away since 2012.

Emma Hockney_team

Emma Hockney

Photographer & Videographer

Emma sets the tone for our photography, videos. Emma graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Arts. She has been working at Sold Right Away since 2014.

Sammy Phonthaphanh_team

Sammy Phonthaphanh

Administrative Assistant

Sammy oversees the administration of Sold Right Away, making sure books balance, employees are getting paid and clients are getting their invoices. She has worked at Sold Right Away since 2010.

Stephanie Bate_team

Stephanie Bate

Office Assistant

Stephanie is our social media coordinator and administrative assistant. She handles all of the clients needs when it comes to handling their social media requests. She also executes administrative duties as well as anything else the team needs. She works meticulously by the teams side, helping them and clients manage their branding and social media projects. She develops, implements, tracks and optimizes social media marketing campaigns to help clients realize their digital marketing objectives.

Stephanie Bate_team

Stefanie Daugilis

Photographer & Videographer

Stef is responsible for producing high quality photography and videos to our clients at Sold Right Away. She is a graduate from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Photography. Having grown up with a camera always in hand, Stef loves being a part of the creative team at Sold Right Away.

Sammy Phonthaphanh_team

Matt Fotheringham

Photographer & Videographer

While employed with Sold Right Away, Matt is also currently enrolled in Mohawk College earning his diploma in the Creative Photography Still & Motion program. He has a passion for all things photography & truly enjoys working in the real estate marketing industry.

Stephanie Bate_team

Jeff Saxon

Web Designer

Jeff establishes the web presence for our realtor/property websites, and helps maintain the Sold Right Away online image. With over 16 years in the web development field, he has evolved in every aspect of the industry. He also takes pride in his advancements of design, development techniques, creativity and receiving client SOLDS. He marvels in the culture and the enjoyment that Sold Right Away brings to the office.

2017 Finalist - The Business Excellence

2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year — Top 5 Finalist

This prestigious Business Excellence Award honours the accomplishments, achievements, value and contributions of small businesses and their owners worldwide.

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