Virtual Staging

We bring your vacant properties to life!

Virtual Staging


As part of our premium marketing plan, we have the possibility to offer our clients services in virtual staging. A fantastic way to showcase & sell vacant properties!

What is Virtual Staging?
This is the process of using 3D computer software and graphic design to place furniture and accessories onto vacant property pictures. It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and is proven to significantly boost property appeal.

This technology helps sell vacant homes fast and for more money!

How is this different from traditional home staging?
Traditional home staging refers to the process of placing real furniture and accessories into the property while Virtual Staging is the process of placing virtual furniture and accessories directly onto the property pictures. Sold Right Away’s designers ensure that the virtually staged pictures look as realistic as possible, the goal here is not to be deceiving, but to showcase how the room could be used.

Is it cost effective?
It is much cheaper than traditional home staging because there is no furniture to rent or movers to hire. No inventory needed in accent furniture or accessories either. On average, Virtual Staging costs 20 times less than traditional home staging.

Services We Offer

– Real Estate Photography
– Aerial Photos & Videos
– Real Estate HD Video
– Custom Real Estate Brochures / Ads
– Custom Real Estate Websites
– Social Media Advertising of Listings and Open Houses
– Real Estate Marketing Coordination & Distribution
– Digital Brochures

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Virtual Staging 1_After
Virtual Staging 2_After
Virtual Staging 3_After
Virtual Staging 4_After
Virtual Staging 5_After
Virtual Staging 6_After
Virtual Staging 7_After
Virtual Staging 8_After
Virtual Staging 9_After
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